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There are many advantages when selling a Stateside Spas spa. We will usually have larger water pumps which will also be two speeds. Most of the competition willonly use a two speed pump if they are intending it be used to filter. They will use a single speed pump for hydro therapy. Our spas will include 24 hour filtering systems with an ozone sanitizer and a mix chamber unless ordered with out this feature.

Filtering systems - There are two types - 24 hour filtering systems operate at a much lower electrical cost then a standard filtering system which uses a primary hydro therapy water pump to filter on low. The larger primary hydro therapy pumps which require any where from 2-5 amps of electricity on low compared to that of the 24 hour filtering pump which is about .5 amps - There are two types of 24 hour filtering systems - Our 24 hour filtering system filters 2400 gallons per hour which is about 400% more efficient than many other 24 hour filtering systems which filter only about 600 gallons per hour while still using about .5 amps ( example Hot Springs - Sundance - Caldera to name a few) Note-standard filtering-- Using a large primary hydro therapy pump on low to filter- this style filtering system will filter much more water on low than a 24 hour filtering system which is what a competitor will tell a customer and he will be correct - he will explain that is why they do not have to filter as long thus keep the cost down - This statement is correct however he will not tell the customer that when the spa with out 24 hour filtering needs to heat which can be as much as 6 hours a day during cold weather that his spa will have to turn on that large pump to deliver the hot water -- that 6 hours along with 4 hours worth of filtering will triple the cost of operation during cold weather.

A spa with 24 hour filtering will deliver the heated water for free since the spa is already filtering 24 hours a day - so no additional cost added above the cost of the heater. Also know that a competitors sales person may tell a customer that their spa also has 24 hour filtering capabilities and that the customer only has to select that option when programming-this statement is also partially true - however they are omitting the fact that filtering 24 hours a day with a standard filtering system will run the cost up to hundreds per month - The key to 24 hour filtering is it has to be done with a separate small pump to keep the cost down this pump must only use about .5 an amp to operate. Even the style of jet used by Stateside Spas allows for maximum water flow increasing the filtering efficiency of the spa while also increasing the life of the heater.

Ozone - Another advantage of a 24 hour filtering system is it makes the ozone sanitizer 100% efficient 24 hours a day. This is because ozone sanitizers only work while a spa is filtering -- therefore with 24 hour filtering the sanitizer works 24 hours a day - this means far less chemicals.

Water pumps- Stateside Spas uses the largest European 2 speed water pump available - in the USA we use a true 5 hp Waterways executive pump which delivers 260 gallons per minute worth of water, our European pump delivers 220 gallons per minute at 50 Hz. We usually use two hydro therapy pumps with an option for 3 hydro therapy pumps - some spas have as many as 5 pumps. These pumps when placed correctly inside the cabinet will out perform the competitions pumps for hydro therapy. Pump placement is almost as important as the pump. If a pump is placed incorrectly inside the spa cabinet the pumps delivery can be reduced by as much as 30% - incorrect placement can cause the pump to be starved for water. Pumps are made to push water therefore wrong placement inside the cabinet causing the use of too many elbows between the suction which is where the pump draws its water from inside the spa will cause the pumps water delivery to be affected-when a pump is placed correctly there are very few bends in the plumbing between the pump and suction-this allows for the water to freely be drawn into the pump increasing water flow to the jets-the use of 45 degree bends in stead of 90 degrees will also increase water flow.

Equipment -Stateside Spas uses Balboa controls which have been proven to be among the most reliable in the industry - Balboa uses Temperature probes inserted in the heater to check water flow instead of a pressure switch. There is a temperature sensor at the inlet side of the heater and one at the exit - by doing this, an accurate rate of increase in heat as the water passes the heater can be obtained - if there is too great of an increase the equipment knows there is not enough water flow to keep the heater cool. If a heater runs too hot the life expectancy is greatly shortened - a heater that is running too hot also will over heat the water causing mineral deposits on the heater which will also shorten the life of the heater. The older method of using a pressure switch to check for flow is not accurate because pressure is not relative to flow -- there can be an obstruction blocking or slowing water flow which will cause pressure while at the same time slow the water flow past the heating element causing damage.

Shell construction - Stateside Spas uses only the finest cross linked Acrylic sheet goods from major US suppliers - these sheets are formed into the spa design desired then carefully fiber glass reinforced for strength - each coating of fiber glass is carefully hand rolled to insure good adhesion with the spa shell surface -

Jetting - all jets are double gaskets - there is a compression gasket applied between the spa shell surface and the jet, then after milling the back side of the spa shells fiber glass surface flat we apply a thick bead of 100% pure silicone to the back side of the jet housing prior to installing the retaining nut to the jet housing. This method of double gaskets insures the highest level of protection against jet leaks.

Manifold plumbing - this method of distributing water to the jets from the pumps provides equal water pressure to all jets

Water connections - all pressure water lines leading from the manifold plumbing to the jets are glued and clamped - again this method of double securing provides the highest level of protection against water leaks in the plumbing. Most spa companies only do one or the other - glue or clamp - Stateside Spas does both as an insurance policy against future problems.

Cabinet structure -Each spa cabinet is carefully constructed to insure complete support of the spa shell to insure decades of use. The cabinets are supports are screwed together instead of stapled as many other spa companies do. Screwing provides a much stronger joining of the supports to the spa structure. This prevents racking or twisting of the spa assembly during transit or delivery. Each cabinet has a fully sealed floor that is supported by stringers to insure the shell is supported.

Insulation -Each spa has 3 levels of protection - First there is a layer of insulating foam applied to the spa shell - this helps to hold the water in inside the spa and not the cabinet. If there is too much heat in the cabinet the spas equipment will over heat causing pump motors to trip their high limits thus shutting off. The second level of insulation protection is a barrier of heat reflective material that completely lines the inside of the spa cabinet including spa cabinet floor and under the spa shell. This forces heat from the pumps and motors back into the spa cabinet.- This retained heat from the motors reduces the cost of heating the spa by acting as a supplemental source of heat. The third lever of protection is our Beautiful Maintenance free foam backed spa cabinetry. This material provides an additional barrier of insulation while sealing the cabinet with overlapping panels thus forming an air tight enclosure for the spas equipment.

Testing -Every spa is completely water tested - for our overseas customer we use our 50Hz Generator system to apply power to heat and test all the functions of the spa. This testing is not limited to a quick test - we actually note the time the spa is filled and the water temperature of the water at the time of filling - then we monitor this to insure the temperature has raised at least 5 degrees C or 10 degrees F - in most cases we leave spas being tested over night when possible - this insures the spas flawless performance.